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Anchor of Hope Community Development is the Non-Profit Organisation that sprang out of the conversion of the very old NG Kerk PE-Sentraal, or Dutch Reformed Church of Port Elizabeth Central to the new, bright and spacious Anchor of Hope Church, still in Central PE. (For the very inspiring account of the actual conversion, please go to our sister website where you will be able to read the full story.)

The NPO was registered in 2012 with the vision and self-appointed mission of bringing hope to the inner-city community of Port Elizabeth by providing relevant programs and opportunities to empower the people in the area towards self-development and to equip them with employable skills.

AoHCD is currently a leader in bringing refreshing change and new life to a community and displaying an exemplary leadership in reaching out to the poor and the needy of a given city area. Like so many similar organisations in South Africa, AoHCD has grown out of a painful history of racial prejudice to become a platform of welcome to peoples from all nationalities and backgrounds, and as such is slowly making headway in the community.

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Join us as we reach out in faith to offer many new and interesting ideas to Central Port Elizabeth

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In empowering the people of Port Elizabeth Central, and in bring HOPE back to the City